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HP Vision of a Trillion Sensors Around the World

SENSITIVE AND CHEAP: To achieve a thousandfold sensitivity gain, HP's new MEMS inertial sensor design uses a much larger proof mass than what's inside traditional MEMS designs. The proof mass [light blue] is a piece of silicon suspended on a spring inside the device. MEMS accelerometers use a variable capacitor to measure motion. A capacitance is formed between any two electrodes [yellow and dark blue] in proximity to each other. This is a follow up to an article that HP had developed MEMS accelerometers that are 1000 times more sensitive than conventional MEMS accelerometers IEEE Spectrum described how HP made the breakthrough MEMS accelerometers. HP changed the "proof mass" [see illustration], which is a piece of silicon suspended on a stiff silicon spring or flexion inside the MEMS device that moves when the sensor moves. Electrodes on the mass, and in an unmoving section...

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